At last count I've lived in 25 different houses and apartments, in 7 different cities, on 3 different continents. I went to 14 different schools and educational institutions and spent so much time going to and from my birthplace of Australia that it ended up feeling more foreign 

studied Industrial Design at Detroit's College for Creative Studies.

After an internship at Motorola I accepted a full-time position as a product designer and eco-design Lead, and MINIMAL where I designed products, art directed, and produced videos for clients such as NIKE, Microsoft, Xbox, and Dell. As an independent professional I design products, shoot & edit videos, create graphic identities, curate, give public talks, lecture at design institutions, and write articles. For the past several years I've been engaged in several automotive industry projects, both pragmatic and visionary, where interaction, interface, prototyping, and research have been core values in addition to product design concepts. This combined with my previous experience has allowed me to go beyond the boundaries of traditional industrial design.

I am driven by a deep desire to use my skills in a responsible way. The business-as-usual approach by those who now know better is no longer good enough. Therefore my future lies just as much in what I choose not to do, what not do design, and who not to work for, as it does with engaging in constructive, positive and meaningful projects.