Video Production

In high school I took an Intro to Film course as a part of the Art Center College of Design's Art Center at Night program. I loved it so much that I took the same class again the following semester. My teacher Bob Mehnert would always say no matter how short a film was it could always be shorter, always be distilled down to something simpler. We had a 3 minute maximum for our Super 8 films and I found myself loving the story boarding, filming and most especially the editing process. I'd black the windows out in my bedroom and cover the walls in strips of developed film, organised by scene and ready to be spliced together. Other than drawing it was one of the first processes that I remember completely losing myself in. Both a sister and brother of mine were in the film industry, and I would later learn the nuances of digital editing from my brother. The ability to distill a story or information down to its essence and make it entertaining has been something I've found to align perfectly with my design career.  



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