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College for Creative Studies project, 2005.
Fully functioning, full scale prototype.
MDF, automotive paint, bent ply, walnut veneer.

It struck me that there were three elements that go into making a table useful; a surface, seating and lighting. Yet most often these elements are sold separately and at best paired stylistically. I arrived on a complete system of nesting stools and integrated, retractable lighting (featured in the centre), as well as a low profile to reduce visual weight and clutter


Citroën H Van

College for Creative Studies project, 2006.
1/5 scale prototype.
CNC machined polyurethane foam, 3D printed parts, acrylic, automotive paint.

My senior thesis was centred around the reinterpretation of Citroen’s classic H Van, a ruthlessly simple vehicle that was used by everyone for everything. Instead of a simple superficial restyling I focused on modularity, use-case, environmental issues of refurbishment and postponement, and product ideas and detailing. The model was featured at The College for Creative Studies' display during the 2006 North American International Auto Show. The project was also published in the July 2006 issue of Car Styling.


Xbox Speedwheel

Status: Production
Studio: MNML
Design Direction: Scott Wilson
Design: Matt Puhalla, Leon Fitzpatrick, Dave Seal
Mechanical Engineering: Jon Godston
XBOX Design Team: Carl Ledbetter, John Ikeda

Role: Experience previsualization using video production, props & SFX.



Status: Production
Studio: MNML
Design:  Leon Fitzpatrick


MOTOROLA ECOmoto headset

Status: Concept